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When I first came to Donna for lessons I was really scared of driving, after a small car accident when I was younger. Throughout our lessons she has helped build my confidence, teaching me in a really calm and gentle manner. She is constructive with her feedback, helping you with what you need to work on whilst never making you feel disheartened. I would highly recommend Donna as an instructor, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her! I will miss our lessons together.

Emily from Brighton, 17th October 2018

Instructor: Donna Colwell

Sue is amazing, she has a lovely personality. Very patience and an excellent instructor. She knows her stuff. Thank you so much Sue.

Odile, 12th October 2018

Alan was amazing!!! 10000% recommend to everyone! I passed 1st time with him, he definately is the best driving instructor!

Megan Tyler from Bournemouth, 12th October 2018

Instructor: Alan Gascoyne

As a learner the best one could get is a patient and supportive instructor. Sue is one among those. She was utmost patient and calm throughout my lessons, explaining everything to good detail and never hesitant to clarify any questions I had. She built my confidence in driving by leaps. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for automatic driving lessons.

Riji from Bournemouth, 11th October 2018

Instructor: Susan Jones

Amy was a fantastic instructor and adapted her teaching style to suit my learning from the very start, nurturing me out of my comfort zone early on. This was very rewarding and the best way to learn how to be a confident driver quickly! I passed first time with 1 minor and although Amy wasn’t my instructor for the final couple of months before my test due to relocating, it was the confidence and intuitiveness that she gave me from the very start that enabled me to drive confidently in my test.

Tom Butler from Bournemouth/Reading, 9th October 2018

Instructor: Amy Wills

Andy made learning to drive a relaxed experience which was needed for me with an anxiety disorder. He was really good at not putting so much pressure on the whole thing so I could learn at my own pace and gain confidence in my skills. I passed first time with 2 minors and would recommend him for anyone learning to drive. Great sense of humour was a plus! Thanks Andy!

Amy Stilwell from Bournemouth, 8th October 2018

Instructor: Andy Sheppard

I passed 2nd time! – in no small way thanks to Andy – he’s got a gift for tuning into how you learn new skills as an individual and adjusting to that, rather than imposing a certain style of instruction on you. He’s certainly had his patience tested to the elastic limit with me! His lessons were well-structured, slotted conveniently around my own schedule, and his new automatic car is fantastic to drive – he’s also got a great sense of humour, and I’d recommend him to anyone!

N Lofthouse from Dorset, 4th October 2018

Instructor: Andy Sheppard

I’VE PASSED! Just want to give a massive shout out to the living legend that is Pete Wilkinson! The man sure knows how to get the best out of his students and will be ever grateful for his wisdom! Top bloke who knows how to have a laugh and keep you at ease. Would highly recommend Pete and Yes! Driving, to anyone looking to pass their test. Thanks again for everything Pete!

Jamie Kilpatrick from Merley, 3rd October 2018

Instructor: Pete Wilkinson

“I had been with previous driving instructors before I went with Mark, I am glad I switched as now I have finally passed my test. Mark helped me to fill in the gaps of my knowledge when it came to driving and my knowledge about the car. He helped me to stay calm through out the lessons and helped me to build my confidence prior to taking the driving test. Thank you for everything. 😀”

Heidi Smith from Upton, 29th September 2018

Instructor: Mark Robson

I would highly recommend Nigel, He really helped me to improve my driving, explaining everything in a way that I understood and going back over things I was unsure about. After just a few lessons I felt a much happier and confident driver after having a few confidence knocks with previous instructors, Thank you very much Nigel!

Alice Sullivan from wareham , 26th September 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I couldn’t be more grateful to have had such an amazing instructor. It has been the best experience to drive with Andy and I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in doing driving lessons. His calm, kind, and assertive nature has made a big impact on me and has helped me throughout my lessons. I feel I’ve been very lucky to have had such a great learning experience.

Jade Freeman from Bournemouth, 26th September 2018

Instructor: Andy Sheppard

I would like to thank Alan (Sir)
Amazing Driving instructor.
The man is an absolute legend. Could not have a better instructor.
I really enjoyed my lessons.
I would highly recommend him(Yes Driving ) to any learner.
Once again Thanks Alan( Sir).

Satya from Bournemouth , 23rd September 2018

Instructor: Alan Gascoyne

Al was a very good instructor. Helped me get over my fear of roundabouts which was my main problem. I am a better driver because of Al.

Ina, 23rd September 2018

Instructor: Al Bradford

There are no words to describe how lucky I was to meet Mark. An amazing teacher and a true soul fixer.
I am 30 years old and I started my journey with driving when I was 20. I went through 3 instructors, who made me give up every time. Mark was first, who believed in me and supported with his experience and a good words. Patient, smart and honest. What a guy!
Thank You for everything.. Marlena

Marlena Raczka from Wimborne , 23rd September 2018

Instructor: Mark Robson

My instructor was amazing! Made me very comfortable and really helped with me driving. 100% recommend.

Amy waterman from Blandford forum, 7th September 2018

Instructor: Pete Wilkinson