Nigel Cooper

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Test Types

  • Automatic
  • Manual
  • Refresher
  • UK Driving

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About Nigel

Nigel has lived for most of his life in Poole and has very much enjoyed raising his family there.  Prior to becoming a Driving Instructor in Poole, he gained a breadth of experience in coaching and working with a broad range of people.  His previous experience covers a wide range of working environments.  From this he has developed a knack in how to deal with a variety of people.

Calm equals confident

Nigel’s pupils enjoy his calm, developmental approach enabling them to progress from those first moments behind the wheel to passing their test and beyond.  He tailors his approach to each individual, promoting and building confidence with safe and timely progress.  This progress is controlled by the pupil with guidance from Nigel. A great sense of humour leads to a great atmosphere during lessons.

He is always enthusiastic to meet his students each day.  Nigel enjoys life as a driving instructor in Poole and helping pupils in achieving their goal of passing their test.  More importantly, he also nurtures the skills for them to be safe after test.  He particularly enjoys sharing the delights of test day.

Away from the car, Nigel enjoys most sports and outdoor activities.  He loves to disappear on camping trips into the Purbecks for walking in a peaceful and tranquil setting.  He also delights in spending any spare time with family and friends.

Areas Covered

  • Baiter
  • Bere Regis
  • Blandford
  • Broadstone
  • Canford Cliffs
  • Canford Heath
  • Corfe Mullen
  • Creekmoor
  • Hamworthy
  • Lilliput
  • Lower Parkstone
  • Lytchett Minster
  • Merley
  • Parkstone
  • Poole
  • Sandbanks
  • Sandford
  • Sturminster Marshall
  • Upton
  • Wimborne

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Nigel's most recent testimonials - Leave a review!

Stop what your doing and book with Nigel! It has been 18 month since I started with Nigel and yesterday I passed. Nigel is one of the most kind hearted and caring man I know and I know I couldn’t pass with anyone but Nigel. Not only have we had some tears (on my behalf) we have had a good old laugh too. I struggle with anxiety and confidence issues and the whole way Nigel believed in me and made me and told me that I’m more than capable of doing it and he was right I did. Nigel’s way of teaching is amazing and I know I will always use the “bish,bash,bosh” saying. So not only is Nigel a therapist, comedian and a friend he is a damn good instructor and would recommend anyone and everyone to have Nigel as an instructor. So a massive thanks to you Nigel for everything and I will see you on the road!

Laura grant from Upton, 16th September 2020

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Highly recommend Yes driving school, Nigel was a great instructor always very calm, and explaining everything we we’re doing brilliantly. Can not thank him enough for helping me pass my test.

Richard Hurley from Wareham, 29th February 2020

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel is professional, thorough, calm and patient and helped me to pass my test first time. He made sure I had a really good understanding of the controls before I started driving and then we practised things I found difficult over and over again until I was confident. He is enthusiastic, has a good sense of humour, is good at explaining, and is full of useful tips, as well as emphasising the importance of safety. Highly recommended!

Emily, 18 from Wimborne, 23rd February 2020

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel is the best instructor I’ve ever had .I was a an anxious pupil and I almost thought that I don’t have the skills for driving. But thanks to his patience, support,I was able to gain confidence in myself and to pass the test and he showed me that driving can be a pleasure.Thank you so much ,Nigel.

Elena from Poole, 13th February 2020

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Words can not describe how much of an amazing instructor Nigel is!
With other instructors, before being referred to Nigel, I had no confidence at all. However Nigel managed to bring out the confidence in me and that’s when everything changed. Nigel is very patient and never gave up on me even when there were times I wanted to give up, he would always push me and say “YOU CAN DO IT” and those words always stayed in my head until today, the day I passed my driving test.
Thank you so much Nigel for everything you have done for me!

Faith Mbofana from Poole, 13th February 2020

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Thanks to Nigel I passed my test the first time! Extremely informative, thorough, and confident – which puts you at ease and makes for a comfortable learning experience. Couldn’t speak highly enough of Nigel and his expertise. Would highly recommend him to anyone!

Rebecca from Poole, 5th February 2020

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel is great instructor, I recently had my licenced revoked and after failing twice I decided to change instructors Nigel helped iron out all my bad habits and taught me some vital tricks that my last instructor did not. He’s a great person and easy to get a long with, he makes you feel comfortable and stern when needed. Can’t thank him enough.

Damian Gillett from Lymington, 13th December 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Recently passed first time. Nigel is an absolutely brilliant instructor, he made my lessons fun and was always really encouraging with lots of patience and enthusiasm and has improved my confidence immensely.Thankyou so much Nigel

Sarah Bradley from Wimborne, 5th December 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Learning to drive with Nigel was awesome. His timings were flexible, and he was kind, dedicated and explained everything very clearly throughout. Lessons were always enjoyable and we always had a good laugh along the way. I’d recommend him to any new drivers!

James Mitchell from Colehill, 5th December 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Day one I knew I’d struggle not having much natural co-ordination. However, Nigel’s kind nature, faultless patience and, clear to see, natural flare for teaching has been what I owe all the credit of passing to. Whether it’s from his thorough demonstrations to his fun rhymes, Nigel ensures to train safe drivers all with a smile on his face. Couldn’t recommend better, and going to miss the lessons with Nigel very much.

Conan Cockwell from Poole, 17th October 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I’ve recently passed my test with Nigel as my instructor. He has always been very patient, calm and thorough. He explains everything very well and makes sure you are well prepared for every aspect of the driving test. He doesn’t just prepare you for the test but tries to get you ready for everyday driving after your test. I cannot recommend Nigel highly enough!

Jill from Poole, 26th May 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

A great guy who takes things seious when they need to be. Really easy to undertand and get along with.

Thomas Briers from Canford Cliffs, 24th April 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

From my first lesson I knew Nigel was an outstanding instructor, who had the patience to help me pass as a new driver. Admittedly I had a few instructors before Nigel, but he is the only one I stuck with, and he got me to pass my test, first time! I honestly cannot recommend Nigel enough. Not only is he an amazing instructor, but an amazing guy as well. Super easy to get along with and will work with you to find whats best. If you’re looking for the best, choose Nigel.

Connor Skerman from Poole, 24th April 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel is a very patient and very knowledgeable instructor. I was a very nervous driver and didn’t want to be pushed. He was good at finding new approaches to aspects of learning I was struggling with. Nigel always emphasised that it is about learning to be a competent and safe driver not just about passing a test. I past my test learning with Nigel and I can’t be happier! I couldn’t have done without his help and support from the start till the very last moment before the test. Thanks ever so much Nigel!

Madeleine Spark from Poole, 14th April 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Thank you so much Nigel! Such an amazing driving instructor. He was very patient and improved my confidence massively. I would highly recommended!!

Mary Taylor from Poole , 13th April 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

1st time Pass !
Thanks Nigel, A Great teacher very patient and understanding.

GR from Poole, 18th March 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I passed first time with Nigel and can’t thank him enough, he was reliable and helped me improve my confidence driving. I found my lessons very enjoyable and he would let me have my lessons from either home or school.
I can’t thank Nigel enough for teaching me.

Kiki sullivan from Bere Regis , 18th March 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Passed 1st time after only 17 hours with nigel fantastic instructor really nice guy, all lessons were fun and enjoyable wouldnt recomend anyone else

Mitchell from Corfe mullen, 13th January 2019

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I cannot thank Nigel enough for helping me pass my test today! After my first instructor used to shout at me, I came to Nigel really nervous. He has been so patient and made sure I understood things before moving onto something new!

Chloe Lee from Hamworthy, 22nd December 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I started with Nigel a few months ago and recently passed my test first time. I had previously been with another instructor from a completely different school and had built up a lot of bad habits and had become very nervous whilst at the wheel. With Nigel’s patience and guidance I quickly overcame the problems and got on the right track to passing first time. Nigel has excellent knowledge of the area and also of what it will potentially take to get through your test. Relaxed calm and always with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. Thanks Nigel for all your hard work.

Mark Dikker from Parkstone, 17th December 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I passed my driving test today first time and I would highly recommend Nigel as he makes you feel comfortable, and gives you the confidence can’t thank him enough. He’s an amazing instructor
Thank you for everything wouldn’t be possible without you

Jumel Zoghlami from Poole, 9th November 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I passed my test on the 9th of October and I can safely say that Nigel is an amazing driving instructor and got me through it! He also made me gain my confidence back with driving!

Jess Diaper from Poole, 4th November 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I had all my lessons from start to finish with Nigel Cooper and passed the test first time. Nigel is easy to get along with and has a good sense of humor, at no point did i ever feel uncomfortable in the car with him. I wasn’t expecting learning to drive to be enjoyable, more just a necessity, but credit to Nigel for making it fun. Clear, concise instruction making learning easy. He got me fully prepared to pass the test and i went in feeling confident. I would thoroughly recommend Nigel to anyone else learning to drive.

David from Poole, 28th October 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Omg I passed my test on Tuesday all thanks to Nigel I really couldn’t of done it with out him he was so patient with me he was always friendly every lesson I have slot to thank him for so once again thank you so much Nigel

Hannah carey from Kinson, 28th October 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper


Okay I genuinely don’t know where to start, this guy is so sound and will really work with you and your needs at your pace. I struggle with a hearing disability and Nigel was so accommodating to that making sure I had heard him and repeating or rephrasing anything I needed him to!

I struggled a lot initially and found driving fairly overwhelming because there is SO much information to process and things to think about when you first start! Sure there were times when I was disheartened with how things had gone or frustrated with myself for not picking things up as quickly as I had hoped, but Nigel would encourage me and give me the confidence I needed to carry on! We were going all over the local Poole area to practise and perfect various manoeuvres and general driving techniques and kept on at it until I got it! He is a fantastic teacher who will work with you in your own time, but he will also challenge you if he feels you can do better. His calm approach to situations on the road and how he makes you, the learner, aware of your responsibility and safety as a driver, is great!!

But most importantly he is just a brilliant bloke to have a chat to in the car, and over the months I learnt with him I am so grateful he was the instructor I went with. He always has these funny phrases he will say which will actually really stick in your head and help a lot! If you’re going to choose anyone to be your instructor it has to be Nigel, he is without a doubt the best guy to learn to drive with and Im so appreciative and glad I learnt with him! I miss our lessons very much mate!

Big up NC! *fistbump*


Elliot from Poole, 23rd October 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I would highly recommend Nigel, He really helped me to improve my driving, explaining everything in a way that I understood and going back over things I was unsure about. After just a few lessons I felt a much happier and confident driver after having a few confidence knocks with previous instructors, Thank you very much Nigel!

Alice Sullivan from wareham , 26th September 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

After a long journey of learning to drive Nigel got me through the final stages! He’s a brilliant instructor makes you feel calm and relaxed when driving, also has a lot of patients! Would highly recommend him to anyone!

Leanne Steele from Poole, 3rd September 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Very good driving company my instructor was very calm with me and if I didnt quite understand something he would go over and over it again with me until i fully understood made me feel relaxed whilst driving as My instructor was calm and easy to talk to I enjoyed every minute of all of my lessons

Connor from Hamworthy , 21st August 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel was fantastic for me. He was very calm, knowledgeable and assured throughout his instruction, and helped me pass with 0 faults. On top of this he was incredibly friendly and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor to help them pass their test.

Max from Poole, 7th August 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel, Thank you very much for getting me through my test first time. You were very patient and understanding and an excellent instructor. I would recommend you to any new learner driver.
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Pattaya from Thailand, 7th August 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

What an amazing driving instructor, what I want to say is Thank you Nigel!! for helping me finally overcome my fears about driving as you have helped me PASS..!!
You have given me great confidence not just in myself but with my driving also!
You were so calm and patience with me when I was at my nervousness! And doubts I would have.
All I can say is a big Thank you! Nigel is the Instructor yo choose.!!

Jade B from Creekmoor , 20th July 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel is An amazing driving instructor, very easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable. I passed my test today and he has been very helpful and supportive through my whole time with his. Best way to describe how good he is would be amazing. Thank you so much 😁

Kerry from Hamworthy , 16th July 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel is a quality driving instructor. He has a calm temperament, making it easy for me to perform well when driving. I feel I have improved greatly since driving with him.

Ben from Poole, 24th May 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

huge thank you to Nigel for getting me ready for my test today!! Started learning end of November 2017 and passed today May 2018.
Really enjoyed my lessons and Nigel was always friendly and patient with me even if I did make a few mistakes 😬
Again thank you so much, can’t thank Nigel enough!!!xx

Chloe from Poole , 15th May 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

It was my new year’s resolution to get myself on the road by Easter, and with Nigel I can say that I have done! I probably wouldn’t have gotten this far without Nigel as he by far is one of the most patient people I’ve ever met. Through any mistake you’re taught the best way to overcome it and to stay calm, piece that with a brilliant sense of humour and it makes an overall brilliant instructor! 100% recommendation from me!

Brady Lillington from Parkstone, 9th April 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel is a very good instructor, he is very calm and fair. He reassures you when you’re doing something right and quickly notices when you’re ready to move on.

Lucas from Broadstone, 7th February 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel is an incredible instructor. Calm, patient and can personalise his teaching approach as he gets to know you better. Nigel worked around my busy work schedule and really understood how I needed to be taught driving.
Previously I had started driving lessons with 2 different companies, but Nigel was by far the best.
I would happily recommend Nigel to anyone who is looking to drive.

Richard Whaley from Poole, 29th January 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Niger is a great instructor he is very calm always makes you feel good about your progress. Would recommend him to everyone wanting to learn to drive

Stephen Hamblin from Holt, 22nd January 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel is a brilliant instructor. He will always try to find ways to teach in a manner that will suit each person. It was a pleasure to have an instructor who is calm and understands your worries about driving and helps you overcome them.
I could not have done this without Nigel.
I would 100% recommend Nigel to everyone I know.
When I’ve started driving I’ve had absolutely no confidence but Nigel helped me overcome each obstacle at a time. He is very patient when teaching which helps a lot.
I have finally passed my test today and I am over the moon.
Thank you Nigel.

Florentina from Bournemouth , 17th January 2018

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel is a brilliant instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone. I passed my test almost a year ago with only 2 driving faults. He’s very patient, calm, understanding and saw the positive in everything. Every lesson had been enjoyable and not once have i feared to go on a driving lesson. After passing i had to wait a few weeks for my car, me being a nervous person and lacked in confidence, I had booked extra lessons with Nigel and was happy to help and the extra lessons helped tremendously. I can’t thank him enough, if it wasn’t for Nigel I wouldn’t be the driver I am today.

Nikita white from Poole, 6th October 2017

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel has shown patience whilst making the lessons enjoyable. I know I wouldn’t of passed without him.

Ben Sargent from Poole, 21st September 2017

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

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