Shelley-Anne Morgan

Shelley-Anne Morgan

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About Shelley-Anne

Shelley-Anne started her journey to become a driving instructor in February 2020, just before the initial lockdown. In such a short time, Shelley-Anne has become a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor in Southampton and the surrounding areas.

Outstanding Driving Lessons

One day when browsing the web, Shelley-Anne stumbled across electric cars and YES! Driving School’s shared interest in electrifying the automatic car fleet.
With lockdown and job insecurities looming, she picked up on the idea to secure an additional career. Shelley-Anne used the available extra time to start her training and she easily sailed through her part 1 and part 2 tests at the first attempt with great results. She then completed the required 40 hours of instructional training before going on to a Trainee Licence.  This provided valuable experience as she worked towards the final qualifying Part 3 test.  Shelley-Anne recently breezed through her Part 3 test and is now qualified to deliver outstanding driving lessons in the Southampton area, where she has lived with her family for over 16 years.

Life Before

Originally from  Zimbabwe, after much political turmoil and unrest, she came to the UK in 2003 with her husband. Shelley-Anne has since mostly worked in administration roles, at several colleges and at the Southampton General Hospital before embarking on becoming a medical secretary in the private sector where she runs the private practices for 4 consultants.

From her own son aged 13, Shelley-Anne understands the needs and worries of young people. She is a kind and very patient tutor, with a great sense of empathy in understanding the difficulties of driving in the UK.  She enjoys helping students to achieve their goal at becoming safe and skillful drivers at a time when the roads are busier than ever.  Shelley-Anne likes to instil confidence in her student’s abilities. She aims for her learners to leave their lessons with a smile, reflecting on their journey so far and looking forward to next lesson’s challenges.  She is looking forward to being a modern, up-to-date driving instructor in Southampton using the latest coaching techniques to get the best from her pupils.

Areas Covered

  • Bitterne
  • Havant
  • Southampton

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Shelley-Anne's most recent testimonials - Leave a review!

I have had many instructors over the years and Shelley-Anne has by far been the most kind, patient and supportive instructor I could have asked for. She had some great tools to help with my anxiety and kept me calm on the day. I really enjoyed my lessons and will actually miss them now they’ve come to an end! I couldn’t recommend a better instructor, thank you for everything Shelley-Anne 😊

Sarah from Southampton, 26th April 2024

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Shelley-Anne was an amazing instructor. She helped me develop my driving skills with clear, constructive feedback and was never harsh. Her calming presence and positive energy really helped me build my confidence when I was struggling and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor – thanks so much for everything!! 😁

Emily from Southampton, 26th April 2024

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Shelley-anne was such a lovely instructor she was really calm and reassuring. She’s really good at talking through any mistakes to help you understand what went wrong. We had lovely convo’s and she is really good at helping with nerves, can’t recommend her enough!

Thank you, really enjoyed my lessons with you !! 😁😁

Ellie Jordan from Eastleigh, 19th March 2024

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

My driving instructor was incredibly helpful and useful with teaching me everything I needed to know and was extremely patient with me whenever I made mistakes but also pushing me when I needed to make progress and improve. She was never harsh or overly frustrated and kept up good spirits in and out of the car.

Sam from Southampton , 29th January 2024

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

My instructor was the best kept me calm happy and helped me to progress a peculiar well compared to other instructors I’ve had in the past

Chloe from Southampton , 11th January 2024

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Shelley-Anne is a great instructor! She is very supportive and works with you to ensure you progress and feel safe on the road. I couldn’t be happier!

Harry from Poole , 29th October 2023

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Amazing instructor, very good at explaining how to drive in a correct and safe manner without over complicating it, also made the whole experience fun whilst also keeping it engaging I can’t recommend Shelly enough.

Jack from Southampton, 27th August 2023

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Shelley-Anne is the most supportive instructor I have come by. She always made me feel at ease during our lessons, showed so much patience and understanding when i did not understanding something. I owe my confidence behind the wheel to her as she cheered me on from the beginning to the very end, I cannot recommend Shelley-Anne enough.

Nikola from Eastleigh , 20th April 2023

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

I was so nervous to start driving and had no confidence behind the wheel but Shelley-Anne was able to build that so quickly purely through her teaching style. She was always incredibly patient with me even when I reverted back to silly mistakes. Her explanations helped me to visualise each manoeuvre and feel prepared at each roundabout or turn I come to in lessons and each I will come to now that I have passed. I’m so grateful I was able to find Shelley-Anne to be my driving instructor I can’t imagine anyone else helping me to pass as well as she did and managing to make the experience enjoyable.

Charlotte Aquilina from Eastleigh , 23rd March 2023

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Shelley is an awesome driving instructor that always pushes you to do your best. I never would have passed my test if i didn’t have such a supportive instructor with me. Shelley always took her time to explain anything i didn’t understand and i really appreciated that. She’s the best!!

Jaidyn Lebrun from southampton , 8th February 2023

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

I just passed my driving test first time, and I give lots of the credit to Shelley-Anne! She was such a great instructor, who took the time to explain and help with anything I didn’t understand. Shelley-Anne was was so patient and considerate, and knew just how to encourage me and build up my confidence. Thank you so much, Shelly-Anne!

Rosie Fogwill from Southampton, 21st December 2022

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

I did an intensive course with Shelley-Anne and in just a week I went from barely turning left and right in a car to being able to pass my test the following week! Shelley-Anne was an amazing instructor and would highly recommend to anyone thinking of doing an intense course or just doing weekly lessons!

Curtis Lamb from Bournemouth , 21st December 2022

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Where do I start?!
Shelley-Anne took me on a year ago, I was a nervous wreck and driving really freaked me out. She spent so much time and patience with me to help my confidence and comfortability on the road. She made my lessons enjoyable and she is just so lovely. I would highly recommend her, she understood how I liked to learn in lessons and never pressured me to do anything I wasn’t ready for. She’s a legend in my books.

Annalise McKenzie from Southampton, 2nd December 2022

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Despite having done lessons with two other driving instructors in previous years I had never managed to get to the stage of doing my practical test due to high anxiety levels however this all changed when I started doing lessons with Shelley-Anne.

Shelley-Anne is by far one of the most patient and kind people I’ve ever had the fortune of meeting and she is a real credit to YES! Driving School! Due to her style of teaching I managed to pass my driving test first time with only 4 driver faults. If you’re looking for a perfect driving instructor then go with her! Thank you again for everything ❤️

Catalina from Eastleigh , 26th October 2022

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Despite having many lessons before with other instructors I found it very difficult to overcome my nerves when driving. Shelley- Anne helped me to build my confidence in driving, with her patience and positive attitude. She always made me feel comfortable during my lessons and would always recommend me videos to watch to enhance my driving skills.

I would not have been able to overcome my nerves without her positivity in every lesson. Best driving instructor everr, I would highly recommend!

Eve Weah from Southampton , 25th June 2022

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

I’d highly recommend this driving instructor, she’s very helpful and very understanding. Was so friendly and makes you feel comfortable in the car.

I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming instructor to help me pass first time!

Eryck from Southampton , 20th June 2022

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

I started lessons with Shelley-Anne after my previous instructor couldn’t return to work due to illness. Although I had been having lessons on and off since 2020, I was still a very anxious driver. I also suffer from an anxiety disorder that makes communication difficult. But neither of those things were an issue for Shelley-Anne. She was always patient, kind, provided excellent feedback and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Exactly what I needed to pass, so thank you!!

Lauren W from Eastleigh , 6th May 2022

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

“I had a few things to learn and work on in a very short space of time but Shelley-Anne helped me understand the areas that needed to be worked on, explained them to me, worked on them and helped me to prepare for my test.”

Saied Delfiyeh from Iran , 30th December 2021

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Firstly, many thanks to Ruedi, who I had some great lessons with, and put an excellent effort to explain and answer situations and any questions I had, to be sure I understood very well. Very accommodating with getting me booked in and also picked up/dropped off in a more convenient place.
The majority of my lessons were with Shelley-Anne, I’m very grateful for her calming teaching style. The importance and methods to fix my mistakes were delivered calmly and effectively. Very good at building rapport, and genuinely smiled when good learning progress was demonstrated.
The best instructor for me, out of several previously at different driving schools.
Thanks so much for your help towards my driving test pass. All the best.

Chris Smith from Surrey, 8th November 2021

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Probably the best and amazing instructor ever, taught me to be a safe driver and thanks to her i was abble to pass my practical test today with minimum minors, thank you for everything, Anne, you are amazing ❤

Robert Daniel Cucu from Southampton, 8th November 2021

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

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