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Driving Lessons in Ferndown

Chris Brown

Manual • Refresher •

Chris recently joined YES! Driving School and offers driving lessons in Ferndown, Wimborne and Christchurch areas of Dorset. Chris has a passion for driving. He uses this passion and experience to help pupils learn the skills to drive well and safely beyond their test. Chris is a firm believer that individuals learn best when they enjoy the process and that is at the heart of every lesson.  He utilises his personal experiences behind the wheel, along with up-to-date coaching techniques, to make the most of each and every lesson while maintaining a fun and relaxed environment in the car.

Chris is very passionate about what he does and will do everything possible to ensure a pupil is fully prepared to pass their driving test first time. Chris appreciates that driving lessons and especially driving tests are considerably stressful and expensive and therefore aims to offer the very best value for money for all clients.

Safe and Confident Driver

Chris’s main focus in his driving lessons in Ferndown is to develop safe and confident drivers. Through his work and life experiences, Chris is well aware of the risks involved in driving and understands that a highly disproportionate number of newly qualified drivers are involved in accidents. Therefore, his teaching methods are geared toward his pupils passing their test first time and being equipped with the skills required to drive their cars safely during the coming years.

Chris has a great manner about him and creates a fun, non-judgmental and supportive environment. He encourages his pupils to talk about any worries or concerns and assists the pupils in finding a solution or strategy to overcome the problem.

A little bit about Chris – Firstly he is a family man, living in Ferndown with his Wife and 2 children. Chris is keen golfer and an avid Tottenham fan (you can’t hold that against him), he is happy to talk about the ups and downs of both these passions. He is a football coach for his son’s football team and a keen runner – He ran the London Marathon in 2009 and still talks about this like it was last year.

When starting the Journey of driving lessons with Chris there are certain things he promises, You will learn a lot, you will enjoy the journey (intentional pun), you will laugh, and we will talk – as silence in the car with Chris is not an option. At the end of it, you will have the knowledge and skills to be a safe, considerate competent driver, ready to take on the challenges the modern-day driver has to face.

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female driving instructor

Malgorzata Kubik (Margaret)

Manual • UK Driving •

Malgorzata (Margaret) originally comes from Poland. In 2004 she came with her friend to Bournemouth for a short holiday. She fell in love with Dorset and decided to stay for little longer. 15 years later she’s still here and after 2 years of working as a female driving instructor in Bournemouth with a different company, she found the way to join the YES! Driving School family. After meeting with Ruedi and Pete, she believes that YES! Driving School is professional and very friendly.

Margaret qualified as a driving instructor in 2017.  After working for many years in hotel industry where she was leading people at work and dealing with lots of issues, Margaret built a great understanding of how different and unique individuals are.

Becoming a female driving instructor in Bournemouth and helping people achieving goals has quickly become a passion for Margaret. She believes that by working together as a team with her pupils, they can build confidence, rationalise fears, and create an understanding of road safety.  Margaret enjoys teaching life skills and making the lessons as much enjoyable as possible.

Patience is the key

Margaret believes that patience is the key. Pupils need to manage their expectations and not put too much pressure on themselves. She achieves this by putting a sprinkling of fun into every lesson.

Teaching has become Margaret’s new passion in life and the only reason stopping her spending 7 days a week on the road is her two beautiful children. She loves to spend time playing with them, cycling, swimming and exploring new places. However, as a good mother she also makes sure that homework is done before the fun time.

This pleasure of teaching, like nothing before, brings joy and satisfaction to Margaret’s life; she doesn’t think that she will ever get bored. She has developed a hunger to get some more experience in different areas of driving.

Margaret loves to drive around looking for new challenges on the road so will always find you some new driving routes appropriate to you level of experience and ability.

Margaret is a professional, compassionate and diligent individual, so if you are looking for a hard working, funny and efficient instructor ask for Margaret.

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Jeff Sullivan

Manual • Refresher • UK Driving •

Jeff has been an ADI since 2009. He started out part-time until he realised that he had a real flair for instruction.  Jeff then left his job in insurance and became a full-time, professional and patient instructor in Bournemouth. He decided to join YES! Driving School because of the good reputation the company has and the high expectations they require from their instructors.

Patient, Professional who loves to laugh

Jeff always enjoys driving and the challenges it can bring, which is why he enjoys sharing his skills. He understands the worries and concerns of some new drivers. He empathises with a pupil who has anxieties and low confidence for example. Jeff likes to make lessons fun and relaxed to build confidence with his pupils. If a pupil has a particular learning style or requirement, Jeff is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that these are met.  Jeff comes across as a patient and professional personality who also loves to laugh.  His main aim is to produce safe drivers who are prepared for life on the road.

During his free time he likes spending time walking his NINE dogs, relaxing with a film, as well as sports and socialising.

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Female Automatic Driving Instructor

Susan Jones

Automatic • Mobility • Refresher • UK Driving •

Before moving to Dorset Susan lived and taught in South-West London. She now lives in Boscombe with her three children, her partner and a Dalmatian. Susan operates as a female automatic driving instructor.  She covers the areas of Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole – a wide area, because she can’t say “no”, when asked nicely.

Drivers with diverse needs

Susan has also successfully completed the Mobility Course with QEF.  This has given her an in depth knowledge of adaptations which can be made to a car. She also gained many techniques to be used to enable people with a variety of disabilities to be successful at driving.

Sue’s motoring career started when she marshalled at various motorbike events from club races to GPs. When occasionally asked if she’d ever get scared when teaching, Sue likes to reply that “nothing is as scary as a riderless motorbike hurtling towards you with only a straw bale (or another marshal) for protection!”. In other words, Sue is still looking for the student who’d give her a challenge ;).

Apart from that, Sue loves teaching in Dorset as the roads are so varied compared to South London roads. Please ask for Sue if you want a female automatic driving instructor with lessons that are fun and in a relaxed atmosphere.

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About Christchurch

Christchurch Driving School

You can learn to drive in Christchurch with YES! Driving School! Our reliable, patient and friendly instructors cover all areas of Christchurch. With YES! you can have your driving lessons in Christchurch with peace of mind knowing you are with a fully qualified, DVSA approved & DIA registered driving instructor. We welcome anxious and nervous pupils and our experienced instructors will transform you overtime into a safe and confident driver!

Book your lessons any time, 7days / week – you won’t be disappointed!

How do I book my driving lessons in Christchurch?

To book your driving course, please contact us by using the contact form to email us.  Alternatively give us a call to talk to one of our friendly Christchurch Driving Instructors on 0330 330 7717 or send us a text: 078 6225 9400.

How much will a Driving Course in Christchurch cost?

You can visit the Prices page to get more information on pricing, depending on the type of driving lesson you require. Our instructors will be happy to pick you up from home, school, work or any other place convenient for you.

About Christchurch

Christchurch is a borough and town in the county of Dorset on the south coast of England. The town adjoins Bournemouth in the west and the New Forest lies to the east. Historically in Hampshire, it joined Dorset with the reorganisation of local government in 1974 and is the most easterly borough in the county. It covers an area of 19.5 square miles (51 km2), with a population of approximately 45,000.  This makes it the fourth most populous town in the county.

The town’s harbour, beaches, nature reserves and historically important buildings have made Christchurch a popular tourist destination attracting some 1.5 million visitors a year.

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