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Driving Instructor in Blandford

Pete Wilkinson

Advanced • Manual • Refresher • UK Driving •

Pete joined YES! Driving School when he moved to Dorset and chose YES! Driving School from many others.  YES! Driving School made it easy for Pete to become a driving instructor in Blandford.

As part of his 22 years in the Army, Pete was an Instructor of various subjects for 21 years of this service. In this time, Pete realised that he had the ability to understand what makes an individual tick. Additionally, he learned how to get the best from each one. He now puts this ability together with the latest coaching techniques.  This makes your learning experience an easy, stress free and fun time.

Pete believes that the Pupil should have a major say in their learning experience and any decisions made about the pace and direction of training should be a team effort. As a Trainer at heart, Pete is passionate about training. He takes great pleasure from seeing people progress in life and relishes in the excitement of Test Day. He has a great ability in putting his pupils at ease and giving a great sense of self-belief. This helps on Test Day and also in preparation for solo driving once the Pupil becomes a Full Licence Holder.

A strong knowledge of all test areas in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorchester and Salisbury ensures easy learning.

Always looking for self-improvement, Pete took the Advanced Driving Test assessed by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and achieved a Gold Award, the highest standard awarded. He has since retested with the same result and also went on to successfully complete the RoSPA Tutors Assessment.  Pete aims to provide more than the basic levels as a Driving Instructor in Blandford and surrounding areas.

Instructor Training

Pete also provides a structured programme of Instructor Training.  If you’re interested in becoming a Driving Instructor, click here.

standards check success

More recently, Pete completed his Standards Check with the DVSA and was Graded ‘A’, scoring the maximum score possible with 51/51. Top Result!

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Driving Instructor in Wimborne

Ruedi Preiss

Automatic • Refresher • UK Driving •

Ruedi is the founder of YES! Driving School. Originally from Austria, he permanently moved to the UK in 2002. He now resides and provides a quality service as a driving instructor in Wimborne, Dorset.

Ruedi is a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved Grade A Driving Instructor and registered with the Driving Instructors Association (DIA). He is also a qualified Edexcel Lvl3 Assessor as well as holding a Fleet Training Qualification and NVQ 3 in Driving Instruction.

During his service with the Austrian Army and further work with the UN Military Police in Cyprus and the Middle East, Ruedi has acquired a range of skills and vehicle licences for Motorbike, Car, Articulated Truck & Trailer and Coach, both, with manual and automatic transmissions.

Teaching is a passion

Ruedi loves working with people and passing on his knowledge. He also has experience in teaching windsurfing & dinghy sailing.

Being a patient and thorough tutor, he is happy to repeat his instructions until the manoeuvres are made to perfection. He puts his pupils at ease which is what makes his lessons enjoyable. Ruedi recommends the number of lessons one needs to pass the test and drive safely for life. He has been a driving instructor in Wimborne and the surrounding area for some time now. Ruedi has a comprehensive knowledge of the area and an in-depth knowledge of driving test routes around Bournemouth, Poole and Dorchester. Most of Ruedi’s pupils have passed their tests at the first or second attempt.

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Driving Instructor in Poole

Nigel Cooper

Automatic • Manual • Refresher • UK Driving •

Nigel has lived for most of his life in Poole and has very much enjoyed raising his family there.  Prior to becoming a Driving Instructor in Poole, he gained a breadth of experience in coaching and working with a broad range of people.  His previous experience covers a wide range of working environments.  From this he has developed a knack in how to deal with a variety of people.

Calm equals confident

Nigel’s pupils enjoy his calm, developmental approach enabling them to progress from those first moments behind the wheel to passing their test and beyond.  He tailors his approach to each individual, promoting and building confidence with safe and timely progress.  This progress is controlled by the pupil with guidance from Nigel. A great sense of humour leads to a great atmosphere during lessons.

He is always enthusiastic to meet his students each day.  Nigel enjoys life as a driving instructor in Poole and helping pupils in achieving their goal of passing their test.  More importantly, he also nurtures the skills for them to be safe after test.  He particularly enjoys sharing the delights of test day.

Away from the car, Nigel enjoys most sports and outdoor activities.  He loves to disappear on camping trips into the Purbecks for walking in a peaceful and tranquil setting.  He also delights in spending any spare time with family and friends.

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Alan Tworogal

Alan Tworogal

Manual • Refresher • UK Driving •

Alan recently moved in to the area and is now a great addition to the team as a Driving Instructor in Upton and the surrounding areas.  He is now providing driving lessons in Upton and all around after spending 20 years educating road users in the various areas of London.

With driving lessons in Poole and Bournemouth providing a different challenge to that of London, Alan is looking forward to using his enthusiastic, easy-going and very knowledgeable style to help his pupils to become thinking drivers.

No two pupils the same

As with all YES! instructors, Alan is of the belief that no two traffic situations are the same and also that no two pupils are the same.  In order to turn all pupils into ‘thinking’ drivers, Alan encourages his pupils of all standards to evaluate their actions and work out how to deal with any situations in the safest way possible.  Some pupils require a set of rules or procedures whilst others enjoy a more free flowing style of learning.  No matter to Alan, he makes all learning styles look easy and relaxed in the car.

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Tony Pike

Manual • Refresher • UK Driving •

After supporting his two teenage children to learn to drive, Tony realised that he had a real passion for driving instruction and equipping people with the skills required for a lifetime of safe driving.  Tony decided to power down the office computer and pursue a new career in providing driving lessons in Wimborne and the surrounding area, including providing driving lessons in Fordingbridge.

A Personalised Approach

Tony believes that every pupil is an individual and he prides himself on his personalised approach to teaching and learning.  He will listen to what you want to gain out of your driving lessons and will work at a pace that you are comfortable with, explaining all instructions with great clarity.

Tony has a particularly calm, patient and understanding nature.  Whilst delivering high quality driving lessons in Wimborne, he enjoys supporting his pupils to succeed with the skills required to become a competent and thoughtful driver.  Most importantly, Tony has a great sense of humour and likes his lessons to be enjoyable as well as progressive. A happy learner will improve much quicker.

In his spare time, Tony is a lifetime supporter of AFC Bournemouth football club and he enjoys spending time with his wife and grown up children.  He enjoys walking his dog and visiting places of interest.


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Female Instructor in Blandford

Michelle Lloyd

Manual • Refresher • UK Driving •

Michelle has lived in Dorset most of her life, with a working background mostly in Engineering.  However, she has a real passion for being a Driving Instructor.  Additionally, as a female driving instructor in Blandford, her diary is always full.


Concern for Road Safety
Having passed her motorbike test at 17 and car test at 21, Michelle has always been a bit of a petrol head which has now developed into more of an interest and concern for road safety. She is a member of the Dorset RoSPA group for driving and, when she can find some more time, she hopes to pursue the motorbike side.

Michelle qualified as a driving instructor decade ago after deciding to make a career move to something that really gives job satisfaction. She says that she doubts she will ever get bored of helping people achieve independence through driving. Her franchise with YES! Driving School enables Michelle to concentrate a bit more on family as well as keep my love for instructing.
Michelle has a small young family which keeps her on her toes; her working hours are within school hours reflecting this.

Michelle is known locally for her ability to instil confidence and to make learning an enjoyable experience.  She has a knack for the psychology of learning which allows her to get the very best from her learners. 

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Driving School in Dorset

Mark Robson

Advanced • Manual • Refresher • Trailer • UK Driving •

Mark joined YES! Driving School in April 2017. He considered many other driving schools, then chose YES! as the stand out, professional and friendliest driving school in Dorset.

Mark served for 26 years in the Royal Marines and has served all around the world. During his time in the Royal Marines, Mark held various instructional positions.  Aside from his military qualifications, he is an experienced instructor for Skiing, Rugby and Polo. A member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, he has also received driver training in a variety of different driving styles. These include Off-road, rallying, evasive driving and he has successfully completed the Police advanced driving course.

It’s all about the pupil

Mark takes a client centred approach to training.  He believes that when a student understands the ‘How & Why’ and applies that during learning, progress and success can come quickly. Learning to drive can be daunting and Mark can still remember the first time he went 30mph. Therefore he ensures that all lessons are conducted in a relaxed no nonsense style, working together as a team to ensure lesson goals are achieved.

Mark has lived in Dorset for 26 years so will always find you some appropriate and challenging driving routes.  This will advance your skills and develop your driving experience.

Mark is also involved in promoting YES! into the best driving school in Dorset by developing our Trailer Training course along with Steve.

Safety first

Mark recently furthered his own skills by successfully achieving a Gold standard on the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Advanced Driving Test. He is also now on the RoSPA Tutor List.

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automatic driving instructor in Bearwood

Al Bradford

Automatic • Refresher • UK Driving •

Al Bradford has been an ADI since 2015. After teaching manual with another school for a year, he felt that he needed new opportunities. A conversation with Pete in the test centre led to Al joining YES! in 2016. More recently, Al has switched to providing automatic driving instructor in Bearwood.

Al spent the previous 11 years in the Royal Marines as a landing craft operator.  At the same time he became an instructor which is where he discovered his talent for teaching. He also learned how to communicate well with others and stay calm under pressure so you can be assured of a relaxed atmosphere with Al. Combining his experience as an instructor in the military and his professional training as an ADI, Al can offer an enjoyable, fun experience whilst developing your skills behind the wheel in preparation for your driving test and beyond.

Positive patient pace

Al believes in a positive and, more importantly, patient approach but will encourage you to achieve success at your own pace. He will also ensure you have a say in the learning process so that your goals are met when you want them to be.

Al recently achieved an A grade in his standards check scoring 50/51 and can offer the pass plus course to anyone beyond their driving test.

Based in Bearwood, Al has a great first time pass rate and offers lessons in Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas.

When not teaching Al loves to spend time with his wife Claire and two children Jake and Emily, and has a passion for football, cricket and fishing.

We are confident that in Al you will find a patient, enthusiastic and fun instructor.


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Female Manual Driving Instructor

Amy Wills

Manual • Refresher • UK Driving •

Amy joined YES! Driving School when she moved to Hampshire and now lives in Ringwood.  She chose to join YES! Driving School as a female manual driving instructor as they are a professional, client focused and very friendly bunch!

Amy passed her first two stages of becoming a driving instructor at the the age of 20yrs old.  She trained for her ADI qualifying exam and passed when she turned 21yrs old, passing all her tests first time. 12yrs later Amy has gained a great deal of experience and has stayed up to the highest grade instructor – Grade A.

Amy has a relaxed yet client focused approach to her lessons. She aims to listen to her clients needs, make individual lesson plans and develops their skills to maintain steady progress in each lesson.

Amy has a very high pass rate and is passionate about her career as a driving instructor. She is continuously developing new skills and working on different strategies for her clients to get the most out of each lesson.


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About Wimborne

Wimborne Driving School

You can learn to drive in Wimborne with YES! Driving School! We offer lessons in manual or automatic, or even your own car, as well as trailer lessons (B+E) and advanced driver training. Our reliable, patient and friendly instructors cover all areas of Wimborne. With YES! you can have your driving lessons in Wimborne with peace of mind knowing you are with a fully qualified, DVSA approved & DIA registered driving instructor. We welcome anxious and nervous pupils and our experienced instructors will transform you overtime into a safe and confident driver!

Book your lessons any time, 7days / week – you won’t be disappointed!

How do I book my driving lessons in Wimborne?

To book your driving course, please contact us by using the contact form to email us, or give us a call to talk to one of our friendly Wimborne Driving Instructors on 0330 330 7717 or send us a text: 078 6225 9400.

How much will a Driving Course in Wimborne cost?

Your YES! Driving School standard rate lessons start from as little as £25/hour! You can visit the Prices page to get more information on pricing, depending on the type of driving lesson you require. Our instructors will be happy to pick you up from home, school, work or any other place convenient for you.

About Wimborne Minster

Wimborne Minster is a market town in the East Dorset district of Dorset. Wimbornes population is about 15000 and is located on the confluence of the River Stour and River Allen. Wimborne was the previous home to inventor of the internet Sir Tim Berners-Lee and the Minster Church, which has existed for more than 1300 years.

Learn to drive in Wimborne

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