Intensive Driving Course

An Intensive Intensive Driving Course in Bournemouth and Poole

A course which is tailored to you; it can even be Residential if you wish.

What is it?

The intensive driving course is ideal for someone who wants to get away from their busy schedule and purely focus on driving over the course of an intensive, short time frame.


Accommodation will be on a Bed and Breakfast basis in selected establishments. Bespoke accommodation can be arranged at your request.

Treat it as a holiday!

Intensive driving training will be finished at a reasonable time each day, which gives you plenty of relaxing time to reflect on your learning. You can also enjoy the local activities ranging from calming walks along the coastal paths to the more adventurous watersports available along the Bournemouth and Poole coast.

A list of possible activities can be found here.

Duration Cost Manual Cost Auto Remarks Remarks
12 hours over 1 weekend £372 £408 Suited to those who have recently taken a test. This course can also be used to build experience over 2 weekends. Courses run over Sat-Sun DVSA Test Fee + test car not included (£62 + £70)
18 hours over 3 days (weekdays) £549 £603 For the driver who is or used to be close to test standard and requires confidence building or polishing of skills, e.g. after a long break or an unsuccessful test. DVSA Test Fee + test car not included (£62 + £70)
30 hours over 5 days (weekdays) £840 £930 For the quick learner who brings in some experience (e.g. riding scooter or bicycle in traffic and driven a car on local roads / car park) DVSA Test Fee + test car not included (£62 + £70)
42 hours over 7 days £1160 £1270 The ideal course that suits most who bring in a reasonable amount of road sense and who enjoyed some traffic related activities throughout childhood, such as cycling. DVSA Test Fee (£62) not included, Test car included
60 Hours over 11 days £1660 £1840 This course would suit the average learner from scratch and skilled learners who want to bring their driving beyond test level and/or who prefer to feel more confident. DVSA Test Fee and test car included
72 Hours over 14 days £1930 £2145 The ultimate package, which includes our pass guarantee. Suitable for learners who are anxious about driving or who believe that a 72 hour course is the best way to pass a test and be safe. DVSA Test Fee and test car included T&C's Apply

More Information

With the faster pace of life and higher demands on peoples’ time, a Residential Intensive Course with YES! Driving School offers a welcome solution. Learning to drive in busy cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and other stressful environments can be a daunting experience.  A Residential Intensive Driving Course in the holiday destination of Dorset can offer a peaceful and stress free learning experience by starting in calm, residential areas and building into a variety of more complex traffic situations.

Learn through a proven, structured programme of lesson objectives which has been designed to help you achieve a high level of driving skills in preparation for busy city traffic.

Celebrities such as Daniel Radcliffe (Read More) chose to take time away from their busy schedules in order to focus on gaining the independence with a full driving licence.

Now is the time for you to take the driving seat. YES! Driving School offers a range of courses suitable for every learner.

All Residential Intensive Driving Lessons are delivered by fully qualified, DBS checked, professional Instructors. We can allocate or you can chose your Instructor from reading their profile and reviews. Our Driving Instructors

Minimum Requirements:

  • Provisional Licence Holder
  • If a practical test is required at the end of your course of learning, then 6 weeks notice must be given and you must have passed your Theory Test at the time of booking.
  • Eye Wear if used.
  • Lucky pants.
Not only will you be able to learn driving in the shortest time possible but also in the beautiful environment of one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK. Learn driving away from rushed city life.