Changes to the Practical Driving Test

From 4 Dec 2017, the DVSA will make some changes to the practical driving test.  The changes are intended to better prepare learners for real life driving in the modern time.  Read on for an insight into these changes.

Show Me Tell Me

Currently the pupil is asked one ‘show me’ and one ‘tell me’ question, both at the start of the test.  With the change, the pupil will be told, “Now I’d like to ask you one question about your vehicle and other matters relating to vehicle safety.  The second question will be a ‘show me’ question on the move.  If you’d like to make yourself comfortable in your car now please, I will join you in a moment.”

You can find the full set of possible ‘show me tell me’ questions here.

The ‘show me’ question will be asked during the drive.  This can be at any time, including during the independent driving part.

A couple of examples can be seen below:

If the pupil is unsure how to do it, the examiner will ask them to pull in and then repeat the question to find the relevant control.  This will not result in failing the test.  Indeed it is safer to pull in than to risk safety whilst looking for a switch.

Independent Driving

Currently the independent driving consists of around 10 minutes where the pupil is asked to follow a series of road signs to a given location or a series of directions given by the examiner.  After the change, the pupil will be expected to follow a satnav (programmed and positioned by the examiner) for a period of around 20 minutes.  1 in 5 tests will still be asked to follow road signs instead of the satnav.

Pull up on the right and reverse

This new manoeuvre will be introduced by the examiner with, “Pull up on the right when it’s safe to do so please”, followed by, “I’d now like you to reverse back for about 2 car lengths, keeping reasonably close to the kerb”.

Here’s a video showing it in action:

Parking in a bay

This manoeuvre is a variation of the current bay park.  With the changes the pupil can be asked to either:

  • Reverse in and drive out of a bay (this will only happen in a driving test centre car park)
  • Drive in and reverse out (in any car park nominated by the examiner)

The examiner will instruct, “I’d like you to drive forwards into a convenient bay finishing within the lines, either to the left or right (if the car park allows it).  Now I’d like you to reverse out, either to the left or right.”

This doesn’t need to take place where there are other vehicles in adjacent bays.

This video shows an example of the manoeuvre being carried out:

Your Instructor

At YES! Driving School we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with developments in the driver education industry.  Your YES! Instructor will have an in depth knowledge of these changes and will coach you to ensure that you can make safe and calculated decisions about where and when to carry out these manoeuvres.


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