Our Cars

A choice to suit you

With YES! Driving School, your chosen lesson type will dictate your choice of cars. We have selected our range of cars with a variety of factors in mind such as range of observation, a subtle clutch to make learning easier in the early manual lessons, environmental friendliness with our automatic range being either hybrid or full electric. Even our ‘towing’ vehicles for trailer training have been specially selected. More specific details are below.

Manual driving lessons

The stylish new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi is our tuition vehicle of choice for manual lessons. This vehicle is really suited to driving tuition because of it’s outstanding all-round visibility with minimal blind spots. It also has a well balanced engine which allows a swift move off when necessary but without racing away uncontrolled. The air conditioning in all cars keeps the instructor and pupil comfortable no matter what the weather.

Ford Fiesta Hyundai Kona


Automatic driving lessons in electric cars

At YES! Driving School, we are conscious of the impact which traffic has on the environment. To reduce this impact, we are leading the way by introducing electric vehicles (EVs) where possible to replace our Honda Jazz fleet. We currently have two electric Hyundai Kona’s and a Nissan Leaf, with more EVs to follow soon.

Learning to drive in an electric car is very similar to learning in a standard automatic car. The main difference is that the EV is powered by electricity, instead of petrol or diesel.

If you have decided to learn automatic, or driven a different automatic car you will find the EV similar to drive but more pleasing. You have the same two pedals (footbrake and accelerator), and a selector for Drive and Reverse gears as well as Neutral and Park.

Some of the additional benefits you may notice while driving EV, are as follows:

– Smoother acceleration and braking – there are no actual gears in an EV. The power is instantly available as there is no fuel to burn or complex transmission. EV’s also use regenerative braking to slow down which means braking is smoother.

– Very quiet while running – some students have commented that the lack of engine noise and vibrations contribute to a calmer learning experience. This can be helpful especially for anxious learners

– Zero emissions at point of use – better for the environment and health.

– Due to the highly reduced number of moving parts, there is a lower risk of mechanical failure.

All students who previously learnt in a petrol/diesel automatic have found the transition to our electric cars to be very simple, and most have preferred it mainly due to the calmer driving experience. You will however have no problem practising in or driving a standard automatic after learning in an EV.

More and more EV’s are becoming available and so you may be ahead of others in using and understanding how electric cars work.

Driving Lessons in adapted cars (Mobility)

Two of our automatic cars have been adapted with a left foot accelerator and Lodgeson’s multi-function steering aid. For further details please click on mobility lessons.

Trailer Training (B+E)

You will conduct your trailer training lessons in a versatile Ford Focus Active towing a modern, twin-axle, braked trailer. For further information, please click on trailer training.

Trailer training