Reward Scheme

Get rewarded £££s for passing your test with an excellent result!

Wouldn’t every parent want their youngsters to drive safely? And who wouldn’t want to do everything possible to decrease the number of fatal and serious injury accidents on Britains roads? We, at YES! Driving School have taken the initiative to tackle the young driver problem everybody is talking about. With the introduction of the Reward Scheme, learner drivers are encouraged to take more lessons with a professional instructor and therefore get better prepared for driving in today’s challenging traffic. It’s a reward for safe driving.

We believe that the quality of driver education from the beginning is one of the most important factors when it comes to cutting down on bad driving and road accidents. Since the Reward Scheme, we have recorded a noticeable increase in first time passes with really good results (less than 5 driver faults). Quality lessons with the prospect of being rewarded for excellent driving is the way forward. Maybe one day the Government and insurance companies might follow suit.

Reward for safe driving

  • PASS your practical driving test on 1st attempt with 0 faults and receive a juicy reward of £500.00 if you have started learning with us!!
  • PASS your practical driving test on 1st attempt with 0 faults and receive a reward of £100.00 if you have started learning with someone else!!

Terms and Conditions apply, see below.

Chelsea Bradford
18 Jan 19
Jordan Hussain
12 Jul 18
Kieran Burke
07 Oct 18
Ellie Stark
27 Jun 2018
Curtis Ormerod-Taylor
20 Mar 2018
Charli Maddocks
9 Feb 2018
Sophie Brown
04 Jul 17

Jenni Parsons
27 Jun 17
Ella Barks

Dominique Marriott

Charlotte Habgood

20 Dec 16
Jack Kirkman
7 Oct 16
Charlie Pollock
28 Feb 16
Jamie Downs
24 Jan 16
Nicola Pennington
6 Dec 15
Jaque Durrant
19 Jan 15
Megan Sharman
27 Feb 14
19 Jan 14

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Terms and Conditions
To qualify for the Reward Scheme, students must pass their test on first attempt with zero faults. They must also have had the majority of their lessons and be genuine beginners with YES! Driving School. The student must have completed at least 25 hours of driving lessons with a YES! instructor, except for the £100.00 Reward, where students must have completed 15 hours of lessons with YES! For the £100 reward the student doesn’t have to be a new starter, but must not have had a full UK licence before.  The student must be accompanied by a YES! Instructor on the day of the test.  The Reward must be claimed within 14 days after passing the test. The beneficiary agrees to publication.