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We have 1 experienced instructor specialised in teaching Trailer lessons!

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Mark Robson

Advanced • Manual • Refresher • Trailer • UK Driving •

Mark joined YES! Driving School in April 2017. He considered many other driving schools, then chose YES! as the stand out, professional and friendliest driving school in Dorset.

Mark served for 26 years in the Royal Marines and has served all around the world. During his time in the Royal Marines, Mark held various instructional positions.  Aside from his military qualifications, he is an experienced instructor for Skiing, Rugby and Polo. A member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, he has also received driver training in a variety of different driving styles. These include Off-road, rallying, evasive driving and he has successfully completed the Police advanced driving course.

It’s all about the pupil

Mark takes a client centred approach to training.  He believes that when a student understands the ‘How & Why’ and applies that during learning, progress and success can come quickly. Learning to drive can be daunting and Mark can still remember the first time he went 30mph. Therefore he ensures that all lessons are conducted in a relaxed no nonsense style, working together as a team to ensure lesson goals are achieved.

Mark has lived in Dorset for over 27 years so will always find you some appropriate and challenging driving routes.  This will advance your skills and develop your driving experience.

As part of YES! Driving School’s mission to promote ‘Better Driving Starts Here’, Mark has reviewed and updated our trailer training course to better meet your flexible training needs.

Safety first

Mark recently furthered his own skills by successfully achieving a Gold standard on the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Advanced Driving Test. He is also now on the RoSPA Tutor List.  He uses these advanced skills to make YES! Driving School the most up to date driving school in Dorset.

Find out More!

Our B+E trailer lessons are tailored for you depending on whether you tow a caravan, a boat, equestrian or commercial trailer. We will prepare you fully for the B+E trailer test regardless of experience. We can teach you to tow and reverse your trailer safely within a weekend.  You will find prices listed below.

B+E Trailer Training:

Firstly you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate your level of driving competence without the trailer.  Your instructor will then advise you and help brush up your skills where necessary. Secondly the format and elements of the B+E Test will be explained in detail. We will discuss and work out your personal training requirements  and tailor learning to you and your availability.
Training will cover health & safety, relevant basic towing in law, pre-towing inspection routine, coupling and uncoupling, reversing and manoeuvring.  If you already have towing experience but do not hold a B+E licence then a refresher lesson will prepare you for a successful test pass

Click here for our Guidance for candidates conducting trailer training.

You can also print a copy of our Assessment Sheet for candidates conducting trailer training to reflect on your own performance.

Refresher Lesson:

A refresher lesson on towing is designed to raise your confidence and ability to reverse and manoeuvre your trailer/caravan.  So if you already hold a B+E licence but require a helping hand in getting to grips with all things towing then a Refresher Lesson is just for you.

Trailer Training Prices:

Session Price Notes
2hr + 2hr £160 Includes a 30 minute in car assessment
Half day B+E (3hrs) £150 3 hours add on package
Trailer and Car for test (3hrs) £120 Instructors car and trailer


New Enquiries

The demand for driving lessons is currently far exceeding the availability of our team of instructors.

In an attempt to manage your expectations, can we please advise that, unless you are available for daytime lesson (between 8am and 3.30pm), you WILL NOT BE ADDED to our waiting list.  Our general waiting list currently has over 200 names on it.

For those with daytime availability, please do click the Enquire/Book Now button and COMPLETE the form which follows; you are under no obligation by doing that.  The more availability you have, or if you can be flexible to take short notice lessons, the better chance you have of gaining lessons.

In the meantime, it is important for you to continue to search elsewhere for driving lessons with other schools.

Good Luck in your quest for lessons and we hope the situation will improve soon as our team grows.  If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming a Driving Instructor or joining our team then please click here