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I would like to thank Mark as he is an amazing instructor. He was really helpfull, patience and make me feel confident to pass in my test. I highly recommend Mark! Thank you for your great work.

Younis from Poole, 21st January 2022

Instructor: Mark Robson

Donna is such a friendly, supportive and patient teacher!

She always made sure to emphasise that mistakes are learning points rather than something bad. Whenever there was something I found tricky we always took time to talk it through and practice it until I was confident. I could take things at my own pace and the lessons were focussed on what I needed.

As a nervous learner, this really helped me approach my test confidently and pass first time. I’ve already recommended Donna to someone I know, will definitely keep recommending in future!

Elise from Newhaven, 21st January 2022

Instructor: Donna Colwell

I passed my test today! (Yay) Nigel is such a calm and informative driving instructor. He eased all my worries about driving whilst encouraging me to push myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

Thank you so much Nigel! See you on the road soon!

Emily from Poole, 21st January 2022

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Nigel has been a great instructor over the last year or so helping me to learn to drive and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Always looking for the positives in your driving and encouraging you to do your best. Thank you for helping me pass Nigel!

Ryan from Poole, 21st January 2022

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Just passed my practical test today following lessons with Mark from YES! He was an excellent instructor who was patient, reassuring and punctual. I couldn’t have done it without him! Thanks to Mark and YES!

Ed from Poole, 21st January 2022

Instructor: Mark Robson

Really enjoyed learning with Nigel. Friendly and helpful with learning. Just what I needed to pass first time 🙂

Joel Marriott from Poole , 21st January 2022

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I would like to say BIG THANKS to Mark Robson for helping me to become a confident driver and to pass my driving test. Mark’s patience, professionalism and tailored approach make him a wonderful driving instructor. Very punctual and easy to get along with. I truly enjoyed Mark’s company and although we didn’t finish the journey together (due to the fact that I decided to go with an automatic car in the end), Mark played an important role in making me a better driver. So, big thanks to Mark and all the best!

Natalia Medvedeva from Russian Federation, 21st January 2022

Instructor: Mark Robson

A big THANK YOU to Nigel Cooper for helping me to pass my driving test. I have moved to the UK few years ago and it took me some time to get used to the roads and especially roundabouts. Nigel was extremely patient with me, he understood what my problem was and adjusted his teaching approach to what I can easily understand. Nigel helped me to overcome my fear of roundabouts by breaking them down for me. Nigel would always come well prepared and always on time. I can’t thank him enough for all his help. Not to mention that I truly enjoyed Nigel’s company and his sense of humour that helped me to relax and made our lessons so enjoyable. I wish Nigel all the best in his life, and I will always remember everything he had taught me.

Natalia Medvedeva from Russian Federation, 21st January 2022

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I started lessons with Donna after starting to learn to drive with my parents. She did a great job of teaching me all the correct procedures for driving safely and for a test, whilst always making me feel relaxed. Donna was always flexible, allowing me to work on what I felt needed improving without needless repetition to pump up the hours. I would definitely recommend Donna to anybody looking to pass their test, whether they’re just starting out or have already begun to learn with parents.

Jack Simmonds from Newick, 21st January 2022

Instructor: Donna Colwell

Pete is an incredible instructor!
He always made me feel so comfortable when driving and was excellent at finding my learning style and explaining things in that style so I could understand them.
I also really enjoyed his lessons because I didn’t feel pressured, which made me feel open to learning and just having a go.

Thanks Pete! You helped so much!!! I’m so glad I found you as my instructor!

Poppy Taplin from Blandford forum, Dorset, 9th January 2022

Instructor: Pete Wilkinson

I would like to thank and highly recommend Margaret as a driving instructor . I was very nervous at the start of my lessons but Margaret was very kind and patient which helped me progress and pass my test first time .

Ellie Chaloner from Poole , 9th January 2022

Instructor: Malgorzata Kubik (Margaret)

Passed first time today!! Mark is such a helpful instructor and I’m so grateful for all the help.

Summer from Poole, 30th December 2021

Instructor: Mark Robson

“I had a few things to learn and work on in a very short space of time but Shelley-Anne helped me understand the areas that needed to be worked on, explained them to me, worked on them and helped me to prepare for my test.”

Saied Delfiyeh from Iran , 30th December 2021

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Al was the complete package. Friendly, approachable, as well as great methods to teach me what to do. Every lesson was something to look forward to and took my skills forward leaps and bounds.

I can’t recommend Al enough if you’re looking to learn to drive, Top guy, Top instructor

Mak Rouse from Wimborne , 30th December 2021

Instructor: Al Hamp

Alan is an amazing instructor, really kind and understanding in all situations. I can’t recommend him enough for other learners!!

Leanne from Poole , 30th December 2021

Instructor: Alan Gascoyne

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