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Despite having many lessons before with other instructors I found it very difficult to overcome my nerves when driving. Shelley- Anne helped me to build my confidence in driving, with her patience and positive attitude. She always made me feel comfortable during my lessons and would always recommend me videos to watch to enhance my driving skills.

I would not have been able to overcome my nerves without her positivity in every lesson. Best driving instructor everr, I would highly recommend!

Eve Weah from Southampton , 25th June 2022

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Al was an amazing instructor for me, who had previous failures and was super nervous! He was always so encouraging and really patient. Would recommend him to anyone. Was so friendly and I always felt so comfortable in my lessons.

Jess from Corfe Mullen, 25th June 2022

Instructor: Al Hamp

Al has been an excellent instructor, he has been patient and clear with instructions throughout our lessons and thanks to him I was able to pass on my first test attempt.

James from Poole, 25th June 2022

Instructor: Al Hamp

I was a nervous first time driver. Sue helped me build my confidence in my driving.
Sue was very patient with me. She firmly but softly pointed out my mistakes.
She always made me comfortable during the lessons. I enjoyed my lessons with Sue .
I passed my test in the first attempt thanks to her. Thank you so much,Sue ! You are the best !

Thet Mon from Boscombe , 20th June 2022

Instructor: Susan Jones

We just wanted to say a massive thank you Alan for all he did to help Jasmine learn to drive. When Jasmine started with Alan she really was very hesitant about learning and he completely put her at ease and built her confidence up and we can’t thank him enough for that. She was over the moon that she passed first time and drove to school the very next morning which was great news. If you have a young adult that’s a bit cautious about learning we can’t recommend Alan highly enough, he has been great.

Sharon Upward from Blandford , 20th June 2022

Instructor: Alan Gascoyne

I’d highly recommend this driving instructor, she’s very helpful and very understanding. Was so friendly and makes you feel comfortable in the car.

I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming instructor to help me pass first time!

Eryck from Southampton , 20th June 2022

Instructor: Shelley-Anne Morgan

Al always made me feel very relaxed and calm. He’s such a nice guy and wanted the best for me always which really helped me along the way. He worked well around my availability, he was patient and empathetic all the time. I can’t thank him enough!

Jess Treweek from Poole , 20th June 2022

Instructor: Al Hamp

To begin with I was very nervous and lacking confidence at the thought of driving but Alan immediately put me at ease and made me feel a lot more relaxed, to the point that my lessons became enjoyable and I never worried about asking questions.
Alan was very calm and patient and I appreciated the tips and pointers he gave me during our lessons. I was so pleased to pass my test first time with two minors which goes to show how great Alan has been as my instructor.
Thank you so much Alan

Jasmine Upward from Blandford., 20th June 2022

Instructor: Alan Gascoyne

When I first started driving, I was very nervous. Donna was very patient and taught me how to be safe in driving and all her tips and tricks along the way helped a lot with my confidence. I couldn’t thank Donna enough for being calm when it didn’t quite go right and she’d help me with how I could do it better. There was always a positive in the negative! I couldn’t be happier with passing first time but I also couldn’t have done it without you! I can’t wait to get out in my own car and drive my family around and also to have the independence I wanted!
Thank you so much again Donna! It’s been a pleasure!

Tia Howard from Lewes, 20th June 2022

Instructor: Donna Colwell

It’s been a long journey and I couldn’t thank Alan enough for helping me re-learn how to drive a manual car, pass my first practical exam with only two minor faults and finally get my British driving license! Alan was very patient and always gave me clear instructions, helping me become more confident each time we took a lesson. Thank you for everything, Alan!

Cindy from Bournemouth, 14th June 2022

Instructor: Alan Gascoyne

Alan Gascoyne was my instructor. I learned how to drive in a different country with different driving techniques and traffic rules and Alan assisted me not only to identify but also to correct and improve my strengths and weaknesses.
Alan was patient with my persistent flaws and very assertive correcting them. He gave me tips, taught me to do the right thing and rooted for me all along. I’ve just passed my driving test and couldn’t be happier and more grateful.
Thank you so very much Alan for all that you’ve done for me!

Tatiana Aquino-Lister from Ferndown, 14th June 2022

Instructor: Alan Gascoyne

Al B is a very honest and down to
earth guy who just wants you to
be safe when driving on the road. Not only does he teach you how to drive safely on the
road he truly wants you to pass! Taking lessons with Al B was definitely the best thing I have done I can finally take my little family on days out without relying on others!
You won’t regret taking lessons with him! I’m a quite nervous person and Al would always talk me through things and answer my numerous “silly” questions. I can’t thank him enough for helping me pass (first time might I add).
Once again thank you Al!!

Robyn Scott from Bournemouth , 14th June 2022

Instructor: Al Bradford

Al was incredible at teaching me to drive. He explains things in a way you that’s easy to understand and his bubbly personality helped put my nerves at ease. Thanks to him i passed first time with only 4 faults 🙂

Rachel Alarcon from Bearwood , 26th May 2022

Instructor: Al Hamp

Great big thank you to Alan and his endless patience for my nervousness and strange quirks! Over a year’s worth of lessons and I never heard a sharp word from him.
Alan has a great way of allowing your independence while also providing careful and clear instruction, and after passing my test the transition to driving by myself has been seamless.
I never thought I would enjoy driving, but I have really enjoyed my lessons.
Thank you!

Elise from Bearwood, 26th May 2022

Instructor: Alan Gascoyne

Al was incredibly attentive with my driving needs. I failed my first test 5 years ago, therefore lacked confidence in the car. Al increased my confidence exponentially and helped me to improve my bad habits to become a good driver. I passed with 1 minor, and I would recommend Al to all my friends and family.

Monty Salt-Cowell from Broadstone, 26th May 2022

Instructor: Al Hamp