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Today 16th of June one of the best day of my life as I passed first time with Nigel and can’t thank him enough, he was reliable and helped me improve my confidence driving. I found my lessons very enjoyable and just in one word he was brilliant! if not him then probably I would still cycling 🚴‍♂️ now I can get a car and enjoy my driving .
I can’t thank Nigel enough for teaching me. Nigel big thank you again 💪 🚘🚗🚙🛻

Piotr Bajorek from Wool, 19th June 2021

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

What can I say. I was very lucky to have had Nigel as an Instructor. He is so calm and patient and he helps you achieve confidence, he is so professional and passionate and he has such a great work ethics. It didn’t feel like going into lessons with him instead it was like learning to drive with a true friend. My best regards!

Denisa Gega from Sandford, 19th June 2021

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Mark is a fantastic instructor. Very calm and relaxed. Mark helped me do my B+E with ease. Definitely recommend.

Jay from Parkstone, 19th June 2021

Instructor: Mark Robson

Mark is a great, very friendly instructor. I have had 3 and he was particularly knowledgeable and helped me massively with manoeuvres. Would 100% recommend. Kept me calm before test and only good things to say. Thank you Mark

Imo from Canford, 19th June 2021

Instructor: Mark Robson

Very good instructor, 5 star.

Logan young from Blandford forum , 19th June 2021

Instructor: Al Hamp

I and writing with the euphoria of just passing my driving test. I was referred to YES driving school on the heel of a driving test failure and a previous instructor that shattered my confidence. I met Al who built my confidence back again. He is very patient, no mistake is too great for him and he never loses his cool. Thank you Al from the bottom of my heart.

Annie from Bournemouth , 19th June 2021

Instructor: Al Bradford

It was so lovely learning to drive with Donna. She is an amazing instructor and is so comfortable to be around. I will truly miss seeing her.

Samantha Middleton from Newhaven , 2nd June 2021

Instructor: Donna Colwell

Nigel was absolutely brilliant – he’s calm, very clear with instructions and has a great sense of humour. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

Ryan Oliver from Upton, 29th May 2021

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I just wanted to send you a thank you for your time and efforts.

I really enjoyed learning more about driving with you. I’ve been driving for more than 12 years and I didn’t know I would be learning more about it. It was casual and friendly. You made it easy. You identified what the issues were and the things I had to work on. It was an easy drive for the test after all those sessions.

He also scheduled around my crazy shifts so I’m grateful for that as well.

Passed 1st Time – 3 Faults.

Dr. Nasim from Poole , 13th May 2021

Instructor: Ruedi Preiss

Nigel is a fantastic driving instructor, he makes sure that you have a very balanced skillset in terms of driving, is friendly and professional and is flexible with his schedule, as i work full time this has been very helpful to me.

Fraser McAulay from Bournemouth, 11th May 2021

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

Just passed 1st time! A huge thank you to Nigel for making this possible and being so supportive throughout the process of learning to drive. Nigel’s an extremely good driving instructor and I strongly urge you to book your lessons with him. Thank You so much for all the fun. bish bash bosh.

Matthew Robinson from Lytchett Minster, 11th May 2021

Instructor: Nigel Cooper

I learnt with Ruedi in his electric car. We did have to stop because of COVID however, I continued to practice what he had taught me with my Mum and passed first time getting a cancellation test when they reopened in early December. My last lesson was the motorway & I would encourage everyone to go on that. Ruedi was easy to be with, calm & only ever explained why I’d done something wrong, no dramatics. I would highly recommend him.

Lucy Coulson from Sturminster Marshall, 11th May 2021

Instructor: Ruedi Preiss

One of the things I appreciated most during my lessons with Pete was how each lesson was tailored to my needs as a driver; we weren’t moving through a set course so much as identifying the areas I needed to work on to develop my skills. Pete understands that everyone gets into the car with different experiences and ways of seeing the world, and instead of letting that be a barrier to understanding, he helped me to use my individual experiences to inform my driving techniques.

I feel that I was always included in decisions about my learning, and Pete was always open to different perspectives on each situation we encountered. Pete enabled me to grow confident in my own driving style, helping me to cultivate my own approaches in preparation for a lifetime of safe driving post-test.

Thank you so much for all of your time, patience and kindness, Pete 🙂

Matthew Parslow from Sturminster Marshall, 11th May 2021

Instructor: Pete Wilkinson

I adored learning with Jeff and I genuinely miss having his witty chat in the passenger seat now that I’m on the road alone. Thanks to Jeff’s calm but firm teaching, and ability to push me out of my comfort zone each week (while keeping the experience fun), I passed both my theory and practical quickly and first time.

I had the whole spectrum of emotions during my lessons with Jeff – frustration, fear, and there was even a monumental breakdown involving lots of tears during one memorable lesson – which he managed superbly, whipping out tissues, cracking jokes and building my confidence back up immediately. But mainly there was just fun, laughter, patience and progress in every single lesson – I can’t thank him enough for taking a scary experience and making it something to look forward to every week!

I highly recommend everyone learn with Jeff! Although I do have his voice and terrible singing in my head now on every single journey I drive 😉

Kayleigh Hodge from Boscombe, 30th January 2021

Instructor: Jeff Sullivan

I highly recommend Pete he has really helped me grow in confidence on the road and I have really enjoyed learning to drive with him. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Thank you

Edward Simpson from Sturminster Marshall, 31st December 2020

Instructor: Pete Wilkinson

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