Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How many lessons will I need to learn to drive?

This depends very much on your general skills, age and the time you can invest in your driving lessons. According to official statistics, the average person takes about 45 lessons with an instructor plus 22 private hours to pass the test. Generally, learners who have been cycling, riding a moped or have similar experience will learn to drive more easily. However, our friendly and professional instructors are trained to teach also those who are less skilled!

I am very anxious, will I need more driving lessons than other learners?

From experience, there is generally no significant difference between the amount of lessons needed for anxious learners and those who are relatively confident. It is natural for new learners to think that they are more anxious than others, but they will overcome this problem throughout the course. Remember, learning to drive with YES! Driving School is supposed to be fun as well :)!

What is the most efficient way to learn to drive?

This depends very much on individual preferences, but most learners naturally become tired and less attentive after 1.5-2 hours of driving tuition. Therefore it is recommended not to exceed 2 hours of lessons at a time or to have a break in-between. In order to maintain the efficiency of your learning, it is important to continue with driving lessons on a very regular basis.

Can I learn driving in my own car?

Yes, however, the insurance for a provisional licence holder driving a private vehicle often costs more money than a full course of driving lessons with a DVSA approved YES! driving instructor. Apart from that, friends & family supervisors are not trained to spot all driving faults, which can become a habit & subsequently very difficult to correct at a later point.

Also, isn’t it much safer to take lessons in a dual controlled car?

I have recently moved to the UK, can I transfer the driving licence from my home country?

Foreign licence holders from countries specified on the DVLA website are generally allowed to drive in the UK for 12 months but have to pass a test before this time elapses in order to continue to drive as a “full licence holder”. To apply for the test foreign licence holders need a provisional licence just as UK applicants, but don’t have to display “L”-plates and don’t have to drive under supervision within the 12 months period. However, we highly recommend to take driving lessons with a professional YES! instructor – even if you are an experienced driver, the UK driving test is very demanding and often underestimated. For further details please contact us by pressing the Book Now button.

New Enquiries

The demand for driving lessons is currently far exceeding the availability of our team of instructors.

In an attempt to manage your expectations, can we please advise that, unless you are available for daytime lesson (between 8am and 3.30pm), you WILL NOT BE ADDED to our waiting list.  Our general waiting list currently has over 200 names on it.

For those with daytime availability, please do click the Enquire/Book Now button and COMPLETE the form which follows; you are under no obligation by doing that.  The more availability you have, or if you can be flexible to take short notice lessons, the better chance you have of gaining lessons.

In the meantime, it is important for you to continue to search elsewhere for driving lessons with other schools.

Good Luck in your quest for lessons and we hope the situation will improve soon as our team grows.  If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming a Driving Instructor or joining our team then please click here